House Anand

This Federation semi brings together the typical terrace house issues and heritage constraints of poor interior light and planning. The living areas and kitchen were clustered together with no real connection to the outdoors. The brief called for a reconfiguring of the plan to include an additional bedroom, a cohesive flow through the public spaces, a greater connection to the garden, and increased natural light.


Location Annandale, NSW - Traditional Custodians: Gadi Peoples
Completion 2019

Our Team

Shaun Carter
Thu Zaw


Construction Andrew Burton Construction
Photography The Guthrie Project


Marrickville Medal for Conservation Shortlist

A dramatic void above the kitchen expands its presence and amplifies light.

A first-floor master suite addition unlocks the downstairs plan, where the kitchen is now central to the indoor/outdoor domain, contained under a dramatic light-filled void. Materials combine the traditional and contemporary with exposed brick walls in contrast with black steel window frames, ebony kitchen benchtops, and joinery with timber accents. A textured terrazzo floor guides the path from front to rear. Sculptural details from the subtle curve of a steel wall, to the fluted elliptical island bench and rhythmic vertical window frames carve a new geometric language through the linear plan.

A new geometric language is carved in steel and stone.

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