Truss House

On the site of an old timber mill in Balmain, Truss House nods to the past through its materiality, while in its form, the structure mediates between adjoining neighbours of differing scale and type: a factory residence to the east and a terrace house to the west. Inside and out, it’s a rich and idiosyncratic rendition of a modern terrace home.


Location Balmain, NSW - Traditional Custodians: Wann Peoples
Completion 2016

Our Team

Shaun Carter
Patrick Fitzgerald
Lisa Merkesteyn
Tai Danh Lien
Julie Niass
Kellie Beatty


Engineering Cantilever
Landscape Architecture Melissa Wilson Landscape Architects
Photography Brett Boardman


Houses Awards, Heritage Shortlist
NSW Architecture Awards, Residential - New Shortlist
Inner West Council Awards, Sustainable Buildings Shortlist

A new building embedded with traces of the site’s industrial past through recycled and salvaged materials.

The house steps down in response to a sloping site, while its roof cleverly opens up to a skillion at the rear. Salvaged steel roof trusses are exposed in the upper level, framing clerestory windows that fill the home with diffused natural light, while ensuring privacy. Living spaces open to the rear garden or a landscaped lightwell through the centre of the plan. Upstairs rear windows have operable timber shutters to control light and views from inside. The raw building structure of recycled brick and hardwood, corrugated steel roofing, concrete floors, and steel roof trusses are given a crisp counterpoint with the sleek, white kitchen and bathroom.

A rich and idiosyncratic rendition of a modern terrace, mediating between neighbours of different scale.

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