Screen House

A single-storey cottage is transformed with some artful rethinking. On a sloping site, the house had interior level changes that interrupted its flow of space and caused a disconnect from inside to out. Interior replanning included a first-floor bedroom addition and consolidation of levels to create a generous living area that opens to the garden.


Location Balmain, NSW - Traditional Custodians: Wann Peoples
Completion 2017

Our Team

Shaun Carter
Fiona Hicks
Pamela DeGabriele


Engineering Cardno
Landscape Architecture Melissa Wilson Landscape Architects
Photography Brett Boardman


Houses Awards, Alterations & Additions Shortlist
Marrickville Medal for Conservation Shortlist

Concrete floors anchor the strong black and hardwood palette, while steel mesh stairs infuse both levels with light.

Replanning addressed a lack of light, a concern for privacy, the desire for more landscape connection, and the clients’ wish for materials of substance and strength. Concrete floors anchor the strong black and hardwood palette that includes joinery and tiling, furniture elements, and timber window frames. Full height sliding glass doors open the living area to the sun and garden, while steel mesh stairs infuse the two levels with light. A photograph by the clients became the embedded motif in a series of perforated metal privacy screens along the side boundary. Their subtle transparency and light play soften the barrier between neighbours, offering intrigue to both.

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