Sweetwater is Carter Williamson’s proposal for a multi-faceted development in Pirrama (Pyrmont) as part of a Design Excellence Competition by Landream and the City of Sydney. A collaboration with Bangawarra and Spackman Mossop Michaels, it is an urban design and landscape strategy first and an architecture proposal second. A rare, large-scale opportunity to reconnect an isolated corner of the city with Country and the surrounding community, our scheme goes beyond new buildings to deliver wide-reaching public benefit.

Placing the public interest first and putting people over cars, the scheme gives to the community what we call ‘necessary gifts’ – a new park co-located with the existing Fig Lane Park to amplify the potential of the open spaces, a reduced total building footprint, more than double the requested urban tree canopy, 100% water retention and re-use, and a semi-pedestrianised through-street that acts as the quiet heart of the precinct, home to restaurants, cafes, and communal activity.


Client Landream and City of Sydney
Location Pirrama (Pyrmont), NSW - Traditional Custodians: Gadi Peoples
Size (m2) 12,000
Commission 2022

Our Team

Shaun Carter
Ben Peake
Dana Marjan
Julie Niass
Thu Zaw
Jonathon Hoare
Julian Biden
Amiera Piscopo
Samantha Kirby
Steven Le
Elke Jacobsen
Nuala Collins


First Nations Knowledge Keepers Bangawarra
Landscape Architecture Spackman Mossop Michaels
Visualisations Choirender
In collaboration with Bangawarra and Spackman Mossop Michaels, we have created in Sweetwater a proposed development of immense public benefit. A proposal that is designed to care for, heal, and celebrate Country.

Sweetwater is located at the end of a row of beautiful brick wool store and factory buildings on the site of a former sandstone quarry, an area that was once the place where the nattaigalo (sweet/freshwater) met the garigalo (saltwater) to create the mangrove marshes of the biddigalo (sour water).

Working with Bangawarra, local First Nations Knowledge Keepers, our scheme proposes a thoroughly sustainable system with which to care for, heal, and celebrate Country.

Through-site links and a new semi-pedestrian public street unlock the potential of the site by connecting the new outdoor spaces with neighbouring parks and public transport, while simultaneously offering acoustic protection. These public outdoor areas allow each building to connect to the rest of the site, helping residential buildings stay closely linked with the recreation centre, childcare centre, and retail and commercial spaces incorporated in the plan.

In keeping with CW tradition, each building was treated as a unique character and named as such – Mr and Mrs Jones, Garigalo, Biddigalo, Fig, and Wattle.

Carter Williamson know how to design homes. Using the skills and experience that have shaped our award-winning residential projects, we have gone beyond designing apartments and created a series of homes designed with care.

Sweetwater is an urban and landscape strategy first, and an architectural proposal second.

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