Carter Williamson Architects

Uts Industry Hub Design Excellence Competition

University of Technology Sydney

Project Team:
Shaun Carter
Lisa Merkesteyn
Tai Danh Lien
Thu Zaw
Ben Peake


Our proposal for UTS Industry Hub design excellence competition.

Blackfriars heritage precinct provides UTS, an inner city university, the opportunity to make a unique small-scale campus site into a vibrant interdisciplinary research hub and innovation centre. Unique because of the heritage buildings that frame two sides, and two new contemporary buildings anchoring the other edges of the site.
Carter Williamson are inspired by the existing George Mansfield Late Victorian buildings. The beautiful arched windows set in a wall of sandstone and blonde bricks, crowned beautifully by the rhythm of the ziggurat dormer roof forms. These become reference points for the composition of the architecture that allow the new building to sit harmoniously with its companions like it was always meant to be there.
The non-conforming elements of this architecture are to achieve, in our opinion, a better urban design response by bringing the north wing of the Innovation Centre to address the street and to meet the neighbour. This allows the lower three-storey south wing to sit opposite the heritage school with a similar scale.
Grand public windows, colonnades, amphitheatre steps and a unifying landscape all sow rich ideas of publicness into the architecture. An architecture that we believe is design excellence.
Visuals by Doug&Wolf and Carter Williamson.