Carter Williamson Architects

102 The Mill

102 The Mill, Balmain, 2017.

2018 Marrickville Medal: High Commendation
2018 Inner West Council Built Environment Awards: Sustainability Commendation


The ambition for 102 The Mill was to preserve the industrial and varied history of Balmain while creating an inspiring and generous home. It’s vital for our suburbs to grow and change, however there is an opportunity to balance the use of existing industrial materials with a sensitive selection of new elements that continue to tell the story of the area, while adapting to new uses.

Our client came to us with a Development Application on the site that approved the demolition of all structures on the site, and the construction of a new residential apartment building. However, as a long-term landowner and resident of the area, our client wanted to do something special.

Our response was to re-use the remnant structure and form of the warehouses and create 4 individual dwellings. 102 The Mill is one of these transformations.

Using the existing warehouse framework, we were able to create beautiful volumes including a 12m high void that brings light down four levels of winding stairs.

Working with Melissa Wilson Landscape Architect, we were able to create a lush urban garden. Clever plants are used to act as a green screen between buildings, maintaining privacy and delivering 30% landscape area to a site which was previously 100% hardstand.

Inside 102 The Mill, its past industrial life is wonderfully evident. The recycled three storey brick wall follows the staircase up, perfectly complimenting the steel beam elements on display for all to see throughout the home. Enveloped by the staircase, uncovered above the kitchen; The Mill embraces its structural elements instead of hiding them.

Where materials have been inserted or replaced, they’ve contributed to turning a warehouse into a home.  Carter Williamson consider tiles as thin bricks, and bricks as thin tiles. Rich black tiles have been used to line the warehouse façade to create a new sophisticated identity for the home.

102 The Mill is our 14th project with builder Andrew Burton Construction. This collaborative and long-term relationship, paired with a dedicated client, has resulted in a home with rich architectural ideas.

102 The Mill is an example of considering existing buildings as an opportunity can result in the creation of generous, robust, and character filled home.


Photography by: Brett Boardman