Carter Williamson Architects

The Lodge

Situated on sunny attunga point on the south bank of lake burley griffin, the lodge stands for all to see. The Home lent to our nation’s prime minister. Public. Visible. Beautiful.

The lodge is a cluster of buildings, sharing a single public entry and a common ground. This common Ground – like the uncharted deserts of our continent is everybody’s territory. Three buildings emerge from The limestone as three separate identities. At their heights the rooflines allude to the peaks of the nearby Brindabellas. The realms of domestic life, ceremony and official function stand separately on the plinth yet are connected by their single foundation.

Colonnaded verandahs fill the spaces between the dramatic limestone forms shrouding the upper level while a screen weaves sheltering, dappled shade around the extremities. The awning will be a floating artwork that will tell the story of australia’s woven history: stories of place, belonging and purpose; of the rich earthen tones of our past, of the warm stability of our present and the promise of a bright and vivid future. We are enclosed by these threads as a reminder to all who visit and inhabit the building of what it is to be australian and the responsibilities we have to this land.

The calm and secure central courtyard is both a personal and public space. A series of interstitial volumes encourage a contemplative, reflective mode. The gregarious ceremonial courtyard looks out to the nation’s capital whilst containing its visitors in a moment of celebration.

Moving through the building the planes slide past each other revealing views into the gardens and across the lake, symbolically inviting in the outside world: an inspiration to inniovative thought. Views gesture towards civic and to parliament democratically reminding us of the people. Another, a sculpture garden looks out to the rolling hills of the landscape and reflects the greater, raw australia and the prospects of its future.

The lodge is an important public building. It embodies the strength, beauty and determination of our country. It speaks of a modern, broad and outward looking australia – a country that is hopeful of its future but respectful of its past. The lodge is an embodiment of what we are and what we hope to be.

Model photos by: Stephen Pierce