Carter Williamson Architects

Punch Street

Birchgrove, 2006

Project Team:
Shaun Carter
Anna Williamson

Builder: Peter Lloyd
Engineer: O’Hearn Consulting
Photography:  Brett Boardman


The design reinterprets the Victorian terrace to better suite Sydney’s climate, and respond sympathetically to the streetscape. The planning allowed for rooms for times when your personality is expressive and expansive and gregarious (social), and rooms for the times when you need comfort and security, privacy and quiet (personal).

The tight site constraints determined the vertical organisation of the plan. One of the driving forces was the desire to live to the view, not sleep to it. Outdoor areas were specially crafted for different moods and different functions of the people and rooms adjacent to them. The design imbues a sense of a strong building while providing safe and comforting enclosure. It allows the home to be a warm canvass to express the owners’ lives and treasures.

Good architecture should always embrace the light, and in doing so the building should have a passive solar ability. All rooms have been designed for cross ventilation, picking up breezes off Sydney Harbour for cooling and comfort. The stairwell is the light and lungs of the building; acting as a thermal chimney, it exhausts hot air out the high-level louvre windows while drawing in the cool air of the sandstone courtyard.