Carter Williamson Architects

Public Amenities Block

Punch Park amenities building is an accessible public toilet. Inner West Council has demanded design excellence for this building. Carter Williamson has responded by designing a beautiful building that compliments the park, tennis courts and the local history of the area.
Punch Park Amenities, creates a welcome space for the park and its users. The quality of the space makes the building a joy to use. Adding to the convenience of the park.
The materials of the toilet draws inspiration from local materials and the Australian vernacular. Timber structure, corrugated iron (Custom Orb) and concrete wash basin remind Carter Williamson of a family home across the road, and many days playing in the park. Tall, light-filled spaces bring natural light into the toilet, with robust materials bringing an air of familiarity and Australian-ness to the rooms.
This building has been designed with care and consideration. We believe this is conveyed in the drawings. We look forward to working with the builder who brings a similar care and consideration to their work to make this wonderful building.