Carter Williamson Architects

Hinchcliff House

Cadi Country / Sydney , 2021

Design Team
Shaun Carter
Stephanie Chiu
Vivienne Hinschen
Ben Peake

Client: AMP Capital
Builder: Richard Crookes Construction
Photographer: Phil Noller

Our refurbishment of the state heritage listed mid-19th century woolstore is part of the AMP Capital Quay Quarter development, alongside projects by SJB, Studio Bright, Silvester Fuller, and Aspect Studios. Working with Urbis Heritage, we restored the largely intact vernacular stores, and the beautiful original sandstone base, exposed brickwork, timber bearers, and joists were revealed. New incisions into the building were thoughtfully framed through the use of thin black steel elements. The freestanding steel stair and steel-clad lift pod connect the basement bar to the three upper levels of restaurants.