Carter Williamson Architects

Green House

Rozelle, 2013

2014 Houses Awards, New Homes over 200m2 – Shortlist

Design Team:
Shaun Carter
Lisa Merkesteyn
Kellie Beatty

Landscape: Melissa Wilson Landscape Architects
Engineer: Cardno
Photography: The Guthrie Project


This area of Rozelle is a wonderful fine grain Victorian period subdivision that has gained alteration and addition over the past 100 years that, as with most local streets has provided a rich patina to the streetscape. The existing dwelling, 1960s project home type development that doesn’t respond to its site was demolished to make way for our site specific proposal.

The design for Green House borrows heavily from the racking pitch roof forms seen along the street, matching alignments and setbacks to compose a facade that is at once sympathetic and comfortable in its streetscape surrounds.

Light and ventilation are fundamental for a home. We try never to let a house have more than one room deep without a relieving light and ventilation source either side. At Green House, we break the building just after the first room, with a lightwell and complimentary courtyard. Useable outdoor space is vital in denser, finer grain urban areas, and to this end we feel we have been successful in providing meaningful gardens to our clients and their family.

In summary we are extremely pleased to design not only a beautiful family home, but a wonderful urban infill building that complements the rich streetscape of Rozelle.


Photography by: Brett Boardman