Carter Williamson Architects

Fraternal Twins

Gadigal Country / Bondi, 2021

Design Team:
Shaun Carter
Julie Niass
Tiffany Liew
Cathe Stack – Carter Williamson Architects engaged in a collaborative design process with Client + Artist/ Sculptor Cathe Stack

Builder: SFN Constructions
Photographers: Katherine Lu

These two homes are fraternal, not identical, and have their own uniqueness and character while still sharing the same design aesthetic and boundary. Natural light pools into the plan through a high-level clerestory over the stairwell and from the two private courtyards that sit in the joint and heel of the L-shaped plan. Our clients hand-picked the lightly bagged recycled bricks for the exterior, which form part of the pared-back palette of warm timber, steel hoods, painted white bricks to the interior and polished concrete floors. This project has been a collaboration between ourselves, our builder and our client who brought their artistic eye to the project and a strong vision.