Carter Williamson Architects

Coast Totems For Sculpture By The Sea 2014

Coast Totems, for Sculpture by the  Sea Bondi 2014.

Based on iconic and contemporary images of the local Bondi area, this installation uses an innovative approach to cylindrical anamorphosis to transform and ‘re-present’ the local landscape.

Drawing upon the idea of the ‘totem’ as an emblematic symbol of community as well as the transformative powers of anamorphic geometry, the sculpture uses images that portray the distinctive, iconic qualities of the local coastal area, transforming them to release a new world of forms and colours normally unavailable to the naked eye. This re-presentation of landscape and urban space attracts passer-by and re-engages them with their past and their present in a totally new way.

The installation consists of three vertical, hollow cylinders with a mirrored surface. A circular  image mat portraying various anamorphically projected views captured from the local area surrounds the base of the cylinder at ground level. This distorted image is then ‘re-formed’ as a normal image reflected in the mirrored surface.

This visual  interplay awakens passers-by to the landscape they see daily, yet never really see because it is so familiar. Also, importantly, by being part of the pedestrian walkway itself, the passer-by is literally merged into this new landscape and into a reflective experience.

 We would like to thank these supporters who helped make this project possible.

  • Our awesome Pozible Supporters!
  • Sandvik Metals – Providing 6m of stainless steel pipe
  • VFX Print Group – Providing the printed image mats
  • Andrew Burton Constructions – Providing financial assistance
  • Cosmo Farinola of Cardno – Engineering