Carter Williamson Architects

Big Blue

The existing semi, hemmed in by its neighbours, was a dark warren of rooms which turned their back on the rear courtyard. Clearing away these rooms allowed us to work within the existing building footprint, preserving the amenity of the rear courtyard.

The new pavilion efficiently stacks living and sleeping spaces upon each other. On the living level, where the building touches the ground it dissolves to embrace the courtyard, whilst in contrast the sleeping areas above are solid and restful. A second, smaller pavilion, is a flexible studio space for our creative client.

With the glazed sliding doors pulled open, the ground level spaces are united with the courtyard, blurring the line between inside and out.

The building is cleaved in two liberating the efficient, but deep plan. A ribbon of glazing set into the schism swallows light into the centre of the home. The vivid, blue glass lining the void echoes the colours of the sea and captures glimpses of the fleeting sky above and the rooftops leading down to the beach.

Stepping through the front gate, this Bondi home now feels distant from its neighbours. It feels beachy, like a holiday; light, breezy and easy to look after.

Photography by: Brett Boardman