Carter Williamson Architects

Blues Point Hotel

Blues Point

Photography: Brett Boardman


The Blues Point Hotel required an outdoor terrace that was enjoyable to be in, but respected the residential neighbours by moderating noise levels and maintaining privacy.

The deck unifies the internal spaces of the pub by infilling the original L shaped plan and meeting the interior spaces at floor level. By opening up the best rooms to the patrons, and inviting these spaces to share in the joy of the deck, the hotel simultaneously feels both familiar, yet infinitely bigger.

The curvilinear form of the deck meanders around a 30m tall Norfolk Pine, deflecting and absorbing noise, while responding to the wonderful curves in the art deco form of the existing hotel. The sinuous, inviting walls were designed to be lived in, embracing patrons and providing both open, exposed moments and private, secreted nooks. Windows punch slender holes in the tall walls to capture the view, blinkering patrons from the neighbours gardens.

The playfulness of the deck adds to the relaxing experience of a lunch or a few quiet drinks on a sunny afternoon, or a night out with friends.