Carter Williamson Architects

Balmain Apartments

Great cities, towns and urban areas are areas of greater density. Think of London, Paris, New York, Barcelona and some of the great Asian cities like Tokyo and Hong Kong. We know these cities provide great social interaction, cultural growth and identity, environmental efficiencies and low carbon footprints per person.

Conversely, the garden city model of housing developing that has lead to urban sprawl and the rise of suburbia is a failed model of housing. It was a phase of our cities development, however as we move into a more sophisticated and culturally richer future Sydney and it’s locales necessarily need to embrace density for all the benefits we know it brings.

Balmain is an older suburb of Sydney and developed with a finer grain of older more dense cities. It is a much loved area because of the density. It has a rich history because density provided enormous opportunities for social engagement and development of Sydney’s cultural identity. The crucial element in Balmain’s development success through density is it’s fine grain development pattern.

This proposal replaces an under valued and under ultilsed building of poor material quality and construction. The density of the proposed design embraces the density of the local area which is read as a better built form in the streetscape and defined by it’s improved amenity and public domain with negligible affect on neighbouring buildings.

This proposal allows for more and new residences to live in the area. They will increase social interaction, add to the cultural understanding and development of the area and provide business and employment opportunities. The residences of this building will have a smaller carbon footprint as the result of density, but also because of the passive and active environmental systems designed into the proposal.

Architecture by: Carter Williamson

Render by: Doug & Wolf