Carter Williamson Architects

Andrew’s House

With a growing family on the horizon, our clients embraced the social and sustainable benefits of reworking their small, much-loved existing home to suit their future needs.

With limited outdoor space this renovation needed to fit within the existing envelope, demanding fitness, interrogation and flexibility from the design. We envisaged the 6x4m room as the heart of the home; a flexible space where you could cook and share a meal or sit quietly and read.

The glazed sliding doors pull beyond the building to expand the new room to the extent of the site boundaries, blurring the line between inside and out, whilst a large, timber window nested amongst the library shelves looks onto the bamboo garden, making the most of the generous side setback. The window’s deep reveal functions as a bench seat for the dining table and is the perfect spot to curl up with a book.

The galley kitchen cranks along the opposite wall, its mirrored splashback drawing the bamboo garden inside, and reflecting happy faces gathered around the dinner table.

For our clients, the beauty of this project is that it allows their growing family to call this much-loved semi ‘home’ for many years to come.