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Congratulations Tai

Tai has just completed his Masters of Architecture from UNSW. This is always a huge achievement, but for Tai, it is extra special.

Tai started with Carter Williamson 10 years ago. He had just started a Technical Drawing course at TAFE. Since that time Tai has completed that course and embarked on his architecture studies with the same hard work and dedication. All the while supporting his mother and sister in their endeavours. Few are as committed as Tai; few are as talented.

For the Carter Williamson’s who have watched with great admiration Tai grow and succeed, it is a very proud day for us too. A much loved and dear friend of ours, his success makes us sincerely happy. We are also excited as Tai “The Fireman” Danh Lien, has a little less pressure on him, and more time to concentrate on what he does best – which from what we can see, is everything.

Congratulations from all the Carter Williamson’s Tai. Well done mate, and well deserved!

– Shaun

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