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Sea Window by Gabriella Boyd for Sculpture by the Sea

We’re excited to show Gabriella Boyd’s artwork for Sculpture by the Sea Cottesloe 2020 in collaboration with Chloe Henry-Jones.

Running from 6 – 23 March 2020, the artwork, titled Sea Window, investigated the “dynamic relationship between light, colour, air and water, the work shone a palette of colours taken from each evening’s sunset onto the surface of the ocean, each night creating a new luminous painting of Cottesloe’s changing atmospheric conditions”.

More about Sea Window: Inspired by the long history of artists fascinated by the light of sunsets and their dynamic atmospheric effects, and especially by JMW Turner, the work used modern technology to transform a favourite motif from traditional art into an intense contemporary image. The illuminated rectangular format of the work evoked traditional canvas shapes. The projection onto this “canvas” of ever-shifting and reflective ocean surface re-created the sunset’s colour effects in a strikingly immediate and dynamic manner.

Directly responsive to its location in time and space, the work captured Perth’s ocean sunsets and the ever-changing colours of its surrounding seascape and skyscape. Sited so that it was best viewed whilst walking along the sea wall at Cottesloe Beach, the work could be seen as a kind of performance – the colours dancing on the surface of the water, choreographed by the sky. As the sun slipped down the sky and below the horizon, the work became visible and grew in intensity with the falling dusk, bearing witness to a kind of rebirth.

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