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Sirius Wins the 2018 Enduring Architecture Award

On Friday the 6th of July, Sirius Apartments won the 2018 New South Wales Australian Institute of Architects Enduring Architecture Award, joining the ranks of previous winners, the Readers Digest Building, Australia Square and the Sydney Opera House.

Tao Gofers, the architect of Sirius was on-hand to accept the honour from Tim Ross, an outspoken supporter of Sirius. Tao made a heart-warming speech to a room full of Sirius supporters, the transcript of which can be read here

“The story about Sirius is about people first and buildings second. Sirius is a symbol of people and communities getting together to demonstrate to governments that their actions must be tempered by concern for their constituents more than the pockets of their friends and supporters.”

From everyone at Carter Williamson, we congratulate both Sirius and Tao for such a prestigious achievement.

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