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Fee MAD-ness (mutually assured destruction): an existential crisis

Architects are practising in an environment of outrageously low fees and cutthroat fee gazumping. Shaun Carter asks: in this boom time, why are architects slashing their fees in a desperate race to the bottom?

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Hello Shaun,

Thank you for your great article in AA.

It is reassuring to hear others frustration with this aspect of our industry and heartening to have someone state it publicly. I hope this leads to more discussion and introspection from the profession about our collective future.

In addition the great points raised we would like to see more pressure at a national and state level from AIA regarding the mandated use of architects, similar to SePP 65. In a highly regulated industry with mandated use of registered Builders, Certified Engineers and Building Surveyors and now Sustainability Accessors (to list just a few) all in an attempt the improve the built environment - where is the mandated use of architects? This is a crucial step in clawing back some of our professional standing and surely we can collectively demonstrate the value we bring and the integrity of our self regulating bodies

Your article stimulated a great discussion in our office and we will continue to looks for ways that we can improve our lot and that of our fellow architects.

Cheers Trent

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