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Farewell Lisa

Today Lisa Merkesteyn is leaving her position as Project Director at Carter Williamson to move to country Victoria.

Our Principal Architect, Shaun Carter, said;
Nearly 11 years ago Lisa and I sat down for a coffee. Carter Williamson didn’t have a job going and weren’t looking for someone, but Lisa was too good to refuse. I offered her a job knowing the universe would reward us.

Lisa was Carter Williamson’s 1st Associate, our first Senior Associate and our 1st Project Director. A natural leader and excellent architect.

An architecture practice is the sum total of its people. We have always been fortunate to be blessed with wonderful people, a significant part of which is the warmth, stable, fair mentorship and leadership Lisa gave CW. A large part of her DNA is behind our growth and our success. She will be sorely missed, but goes with our love and our support.

It’s a testament to Lisa’s character that one of her final acts was to help me, and the leadership find her replacement, and build an outstanding team to carry on. A team that has also grown.

And as we always say Lisa, you may go, but you are always part of the Carter Williamson family.

Til next time.

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