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Linda & Ben’s UTS Graduations

Yesterday, Linda Matthews was awarded her PhD, while Ben Peake received his Master of Architecture, both from the University of Technology Sydney.

Dr Linda Matthew’s research is specifically aligned with the idea of utilising the technological capabilities of modern digital viewing technologies to develop new architectural and design methodologies for contemporary urban environments. “My research thesis proposes a series of generative procedures derived from digital visioning technology for the construction of the architectural surface” says Linda.

Linda and Ben are continuing their associate with UTS via academic roles.

Linda is a Research Associate in the School of Architecture. She is currently teaching a component of Design for B.Arch for which she has authored the curriculum.

Ben is a Casual Academic in the School of Architecture and currently tutoring Architecture & Landscape Cultures.

The Carterwilliamson team are delighted by their achievement, and congratulate them on dedication and hard work.

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