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Upsize Downsize House Featured in Domain

Over the weekend, Trisha Croaker wrote about our Down Size Up Size House in McMahons Point for Domain. An extract of the article is below;

McMahons Point Kitchen

“Speaking with architect Shaun Carter last week, the topic turns to qualities such as tenacity, commitment, endurance, determination – and the conviction that common sense will prevail. All virtues necessary, far too often unfortunately, when seeking council approval for a home renovation or new build.

“arter, founder of Carterwilliamson architects and current NSW President of the Australian Institute of Architects, is talking particularly about the struggle to secure approval for a small renovation in McMahons Point. “This was an exercise around perseverance, which sometimes means going to court to argue simplistic notions and ‘silly little rules’ which have nothing to do with design excellence,” Carter says. “Issues such as amenity and quality weren’t even considered.”



This “started with one client, and finished with another”: the former owners and clients were parents of six and empty nesters, wanting to downsize from a large North Shore home into a three-bedder, but subsequently selling to the current owners, who wanted to upsize to a three-bedder in anticipation of starting a family.

Despite being at opposite ends of the family life cycle, they had virtually identical briefs – with the home now appropriately tagged the “upsize-downsize house”. Basically, they wanted a three-bedroom home that was light, comfortable and generous.”

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