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Timelapse by The Guthrie Project

The Guthrie Project has sent us a timelape video looking into the void at our Dulwich Hill House. We’re looking forward to seeing the other shots that Ben has come up with.


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Great sample of a different take on how to represent 3D architectural spaces with different media, I myself have been experimenting for a while with 360 photographic panoramas, virtual tours and animated photography or GIF , not to replace great photography but to add different way of enjoying/explore architecture by viewer that cannot see it in person. I would like to see the topic of how to present architecture in the media as a more central aspect in architectural universities, workshops and at international architecture events, it seems to me that all the new way of representing architecture are still relegated to the same old technologies that we had before the internet and magazines and books were the only way to portray architecture, with the internet we should be able to take advantage of more immersive media with a wider sample of tools now available to us.

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