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Shaun is running for NSW Chapter President of the Australian Institute of Architects

Shaun is running to be the NSW Chapter President of the Australian Institute of Architects. Below is the start of Shaun’s Platform Statement;


Dear Members,

I have been nominated to run for the NSW Chapter Presidency in the upcoming elections. If I am successful, I will be humbled by your support and it will be a great honour to be your President.

As President I will embrace the future of the profession.

The future of the profession is you. The future of the profession is finding more work and better work for all architects. To broaden the idea of what it means to be an architect today.

The future of the profession is for architecture to be represented at the tables of Government and Industry. For greater equity and diversity in our work places.


My three big priorities with the NSW Presidency will be Advocacy, Equity and Membership.

I will be a strong Advocate for you & architecture. My advocacy for you will be within the NSW Chapter & its committees, but also for you at National Council.

My advocacy for you will be through traditional and social media.

To communicate to the wider public, government & business groups the value of using an architect and investing in architecture.

It will be to show people the value of using an architect in their community, whether in the suburbs of Sydney or Newcastle, or in our Country regions like Taree, Orange, Eden or Byron Bay.


A profession that embraces all its members; whether female or male, older or younger, smaller practice or larger practice, is a healthier profession.

I am passionate about Gender Equity. As a founding member of the Gender Equity Taskforce, I will support the profession to embrace equitable workplaces. We can do this by keeping more of our women in work through the maternity period of their lives, by letting men know that they too can have flexible work hours to help raise their children and by supporting mid career architects up-skill, up-career and get registered.


Together we are stronger. I want our membership to grow. With greater numbers we have greater power to affect change.

I want you to feel your membership is of great value to you. Whether that is through a more cost effective membership, better information through Chapter Council and its committees, or one of the service arms of the profession like Acumen.


If you share these priorities please give me your support: Vote 1 for Shaun Carter.

If you want to know more about me, or my ideas for the Presidency you can find this information on my website & LinkedIn or Facebook.

I look forward to working with you and for you over this election period, and hopefully, beyond.


Shaun Carter
NSW Chapter Councilor & NSW President candidate

PS: If you want to discuss any of the above or anything at all, please email me on

Keep in touch;

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