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Shaun writes about Matthew Pullinger’s home

Shaun has recently written an article for HOUSES Magazine, where he looks at Matthew Pullinger’s home, describing  Alexandria Courtyard House as a new Sydney terrace that challenges conventions and plays with traditions, while engaging seriously with the street and community.

“The ‘antipodean terrace’ is a term used to describe the Victorian terrace remade for Sydney’s climes. The conversion is usually a process of internalizing services that once plugged the rear of the house, allowing the house to embrace the green and prospect beyond. Matthew Pullinger’s Alexandria Courtyard House, a six-and-a-half-metre-wide home that expands to seven and a half metres wide, is an interesting addition to this conversation. It challenges a few ideas about how to make an ‘antipodean terrace,’ while reaching back to a time of greater community involvement by placing the public room of the house facing the street…” 

Read the ful article in edition 101 of HOSES, or online here:

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