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Anthony Whealy wins DARCH Horse Award

Congratulations to Anthony Whealy for winning a DARCH Horse Award at last nights event. Carterwilliamson nominated Anthony in the consultant category in recognition of his contribution to our work.

Anthony has been the preferred legal consultant of Carterwilliamson Architects for a number of years. Anthony has provided legal advice for many of our favorite buildings. He understands architecture, good quality spaces, as well as our clients’ legal rights and fights to keep them. Our nominee is a committed lawyer who brings a highly strategic approach, an ability to see through the red tape and a method to help our clients negotiate in an often complex legal system.

It’s always a pleasure working with Anthony. He provides high quality advice to our clients, and shares the Carterwilliamson Architects’ vision that architecture can make our lives better.


Now in its third year, the DARCH Horse Awards recognise and celebrate outstanding contributions by non-architects in the pursuit of a high quality built environment. The aims of the awards are to engage a broader audience in discussion about the importance of architecture to our city, our society, and our culture. The awards aspire to recognise the value input affiliated professionals and industry members make to the places which we inhabit, and encourage a spirit of generosity and collaborations. See more about the awards online at

Congratulations to Anthony, and the other award recipients last night.

More photos from the night are on the DARCH Facebook

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