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Coast Totems for Sculpture By the Sea – Stage 1

Yesterday was a huge success! Stage 1 of Coast Totem install has been completed.

Thanks to the effort of so many people we were able to move over 3 tonnes of concrete (by bucket and wheel barrow) 80m up the hill to the headland at Tamarama…. within an hour!

The weather was lovely, and even though we worked really hard the day was a lot of fun!

Thank you to everyone who helped out on the day – we really couldn’t have done it without you!

The concrete looks great in-situ – see the photos below. If you want to see some of the work that went into creating the bases, you can watch a short time lapse video that documents the install… It makes the work look easy when it’s speed up take only 40 seconds.

Time Lapse Video:

Now we’re looking forward to stage 2…


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